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Bible, Canon and Lost books

For our purposes the lost books of the Bible include the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Gnostic Gospels and the various Apocryphal Writings.  There are various and at times contradictory lists of Lost or forbidden books of the Bible consisting primarily of books that were not "Canonized" by the early church.

The reason these books were not canonized varies according to who you ask, but many agree the lost books were rejected because they were considered; spurious (false), of questionable authority and in some cases heretical.  On the other hand, the Bibles canonized books are considered by the churches to have been divinely inspired.


Dead Sea Scrolls

In the winter of 194647, a Bedouin tribesman name Muhammed edh-Dhib and his cousin discovered the first of the caves containing the Dead Sea Scrolls and a total of 11 caves were found by 1956.

There are 972 Dead Sea Scroll "documents" dating from about 150BC to 70 AD, including texts from the Hebrew Bible and other ancient manuscripts that are usually  associated with an ancient Jewish sect called the Essenes.  Scholars believe some of them were written by other Jewish groups such as priests in Jerusalem and Zadokites.

File:Qumran Caves.jpg

A cave in the Qumran area where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

The Psalm Scroll

File:Psalms Scroll.jpg



Copper Scroll Fragment,  Courtesy of West Semitic Research

The Copper Scroll

Reputed to be a treasure map, the original fragments are visible below, while a modern replica is in the framed case.

Additional Topics


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